NiteFlirt is a wonderful place that we can explore a LOT. Kinks, fetishes, how they are impacting your personal life, their origins and more. And hypnosis can be a powerful tool, whether used in those situations of for the purpose of enhancing your orgasm (erotic hypnosis) or as an a tool for therapy. You may be wondering how all this works together. That’s why I’ve taken the time to write out some basics and hopefully answer your questions.

Q: What kind of hypnosis do you do?
A: I am clinically trained in Classic Eriksonian Hypnosis. No, not the cartoon staring at a swinging watch kind. But real, actual, hypnosis often done in a therapeutic setting.

Q: Will I squawk like a chicken?
A: No, that’s not what I do. And I kind of feel that type doesn’t actually exist.

Q: Is it possible to wipe my mind clean?
A: No, but we can play like that if it’s what you want. I have no issue with that.

Q: Post hypnotic triggers, are they real? Can you implant them?
A: No they are not real, hence, I can’t implant them. BUT I will play like it is–if that’s what you want.

Q: What kind of therapy do you practice?
A: I am a psychotherapist, and the type of therapy I do draws from the dynamic, humanistic, and existentialist ways of thinking.

Q: Are you a “Sex Therapist.”
A: There really is no “Sex Therapist” degree out there. If one says that there is, they are a charlatan and probably not a wise decision to see them.

Q: So how do you say you are a “Sex Therapist?”
A: I earned my second masters in a field that allows me to be licensed as a therapist. I did many hours of my internship in behavioral addictions (sex being on of those behaviors). And in addition, in my field, we are required to do so many hours of ongoing education every year to maintain good standing with our credentialing board. I have done almost all of them in sexuality.
-Not only do I have on going education in sexuality, I practice with clients who want to deal with behavioral (and predominately sexual) addictions.

Q: Will you help me find a therapist who can see me for my issues & challenges?
A: I most certainly will and have. Please remember that finding a good fit for a therapist isn’t an easy task for some, so I don’t know if you will mesh with your therapist. But I can help you find a few that you can feel out.

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