This website is associated exclusively with my work through NiteFlirt. As such, no other form of payment outside of NiteFlirt is accepted though In addition, “tributes” are never accepted as payment for calls (Audio or Phone with Cam). Niteflirt has strict rules regarding this and we must abide by their payment policy.

  1. Tributes are just that-a gift to me. Any tribute received will be understood as a gift and no services will be provided in exchange for them. No Exceptions.
  2. If you would like a custom audio recording or video, contact me through NiteFlirt’s mail system (or better yet their New Chat feature). Payment will always be through Niteflirt. No Exceptions.
  3. Please do not ask for payment through applications such as Paypal, Google Wallet, Square Cash, GiftRocket, or any other method. It is disrespectful to me. I rarely forgive such violations of my boundaries, and usually block and report anyone offering to pay me through these services.
  4. Payments made through NiteFlirt will show up on your statement as “NF Services.”

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