I want to give you the opportunity to meet some awesome ladies that I have the pleasure of knowing. Their skill set might be a little different than mine. But what is consistent about them is that they are of the highest caliber you will find on NiteFlirt. I will change them up periodically to allow you to meet more spectacular ladies. Treat them right and I am sure that they will treat you right.

If you are currently a flirt and are interested in getting on my Exceptional Flirt List, shoot me a message. Make sure the Subject reads “Exceptional Flirts List.”

Sweet Caroline

Unexpected Danger
Specializing in Kink & Feminization

Yeah, you’ve heard a lot of flirts are good at feminization and kink, but I surpass the rest. I am in this 100% and Sissies, Cuckolds and Kinksters are my favorite people. I am a blossoming hypnotist in my own right and I love, love, love making you fall deeper for me.

I also love playing games with you. Will my pussy make you an honest to god straight man, or will your dick erupt at the site of cock? Let’s play and find out.


NCAA Division 1 Cheerleader
Your Delicious New Obsession

Wanting a little tease? That’s exactly what I am. Mistress, Succubus, Seductress. Housewife, yes, but boring or bored, no. My Southern Dialect will have your dripping like honey at the sound of my voice. There’s a reason why I’m one of Niteflirt’s hottest new stars around. Not to be arrogant, but I’m dammed proud of that.

Come by, Chat on NiteFlirt and stay for a bit. If you think you can handle it, call me. From “Hello” you will belong to me